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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Post - 6 Human Needs by Pearl Wang

Today we have a fabulous guest blog by Pearl Wang.   To find out more about Pearl's great work, please see details below.


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Human Needs by Pearl Wang

Today I would like to outline for you the basics of the human needs. These needs are universal and global and every decision we make are resulted from these.

When we understand our needs in the order of model of our world, we can approach our relationships with other people more congruently. And when we understand other peoples needs in the order of their model of the world we can have more harmonious relationships with them.

We all have the following needs and I am going to list them for you below:

1. Certainty - a need to feel that we are safe and to avoid pain.

2. Uncertainty - This is where we meet our challenges, suspenses, things that are normally out of certainty. However we may encounter fear in this need.

3. Significance - This is within everyone of us. As we all need to feel important, need to feel needed and wanted.

4. Love/Connection - This is where we all strive for connection, we yearn to connect. And we hope to love and get loved. When we understand our top two needs and people in our world, their top two needs we can relate to our lives more in understanding, more in patience, we can avoid unnecessary confrontations.

5. Growth - this is a need beyond the four basic human needs we have. this is where we grow as a person, we expand our each own horizon.

6. Contribution - this is where we grow beyond our own needs and contribute to the worlds, to others. This is a need where make our life purpose with fulfillment.

Pearl Wang

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