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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are we Superwoman?

I recently facilitated a fun and amazing workshop with a friend Minda Lennon on the topic of 'I am Woman'

I love running workshops and sharing my work and I always feel that if I can just assist one person-  then it is all worth it.

One thing which never seems to amaze me is that the majority of wonderful women that I meet are simply really hard on themselves, setting them selves up with unrealistic expectations and expecting themselves to be perfect.  This could be the perfect mother, partner, friend, worker or anything really!

I think we often forget that we are human beings and that it is simply impossible to be perfect.   So why do we often feel ' not good enough' or a 'failure' in not meeting perfection?   It started me thinking on what perfect is and does it really exist?

If ' perfect' for you means never getting angry, always having enough time for everyone never making a mistake then boy, are you setting yourelf up for self critisism and so many excuses to beat yourself up!   Can you see how hard it is to receive your own self love if you are always setting yourself up to fail?

How about we think about changing our expectation to be ' I have done my best'.   Seriously, how can you expect yourself to do anything more than your best?

Ok, it may not work out as you wanted but again, that is no reason to beat yourself up.    Again, as long as you tried your best than that is perfection enough.

I believe we are in the world to love and accept ourselves, perfection or not. We are all imperfect and life is also about accepting ourselves when we get angry, don't meet deadlines or throw a strop.

So the next time you don't feel ' perfect' , remind yourself you are doing your best and you are human.  That is enough.  Have compassion with yourself and how about you set your own expectations just to be you and to be happy?

With love


  1. I think that you have picked a great topic to talk about. I was recently watching this show on television called Taboo and the topic on the show was beauty. On the episode I was watching women would do anything to achieve what they believed was perfection. For example, one woman allowed surgeons to break both of her legs in order to have them stretched so that she could be taller. I was absolutely amazed that anyone would do this...especially when the surgery cost over twenty thousand dollars and could have risks such as amputation. Women have started to believe that they can be better than their best and that is simply unrealistic. I think that we expect way too much of ourselves because sometimes we just expect way too much from other people. I am an intern for a life coach and he has a site called where he tries to help life coaches improve in order to attract more clients. A lot of life coaches are just like all of us women who expect that we can work wonders on the world by changing ourselves. But it isn’t our responsibility to change the world and no matter what we might think it isn’t possible to change the world by changing ourselves. When we change for the world I think that just means that we are afraid we won’t be’ve got to want to change for yourself.

  2. Thanks so much Rebecca for your comments and very wise words! I am so shocked about that TV program you watched, it is self love and approval we all need, from ourselves, not from other people. Thank you again and have a great day .

  3. Your posts are very inspiring, Lisa. I can’t tell you how much you’ve motivated me to strive to become better, not only for others, but for myself most importantly. Thank you so much.

  4. Oh that is so kind of you and thank you for taking the time to write about my posts. It is always great to hear back from people so I know I am not just writing to myself! Well done as well on doing your own work in becoming better and thank you again for your lovely feedback. Have a great day x

  5. wow That is so kind of you.Your post make me so motivated and may be now i seems things really well whatever around me.Thanks for such a wonderful post.

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  6. The best is indeed enough.I've always found that building up our sense of humor about ourselves helps us a ton as well.So with time I began to replace the punishing inner voice with jokingly appreciating the situation or my interpretation of it.
    I had tried building up my self-esteem but noticed it was difficult to convince myself of my worthiness.In a sense,humor is the best medicine around.
    Thanks for a most useful post.:-)

  7. Thanks for your post William, you are so right, it is sometimes better to stop taking ourselves so serioulsy and have a good giggle at ourselves Well done on the work you are doing as well. Thats great! Have a great day.