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Monday, June 18, 2012

Abundance and Lack

Now that I am working on my Life Coaching and writing as a full time role,  I have also been working on creating more abundance in my life.   This needs to be done in order to keep me in the shoe habit that I enjoy!

One of the things which I have become aware of, are my thoughts of lack.   Now, if you believe in the law of attraction, you will realise that if you focus on lack - you will only get lack back!    Now this has been an interesting lesson for me as I am changing my intent and thoughts away from worrying that I won't have enough money, to focussing on there is no lack in the world and appreciating the abundance I do already have.    To be honest, I am finding it rather fun.

I do appreciate that if you are in debt or worried about how you are going to pay the next bill, that it can be rather difficult to vibrate at a level of feeling rich and abundant so I have put together a few of the thing which seem to be working for me.   Give them a go and see how you get on:

1)  Whenever you pay for anything, even a coffee, say a big thank you to the universe for the money you have to pay for your coffee.  It may sound small but imagine if you couldn't afford a coffee!
2) Feel appreciation for what you do have.  I have found this a great little activity for raising your vibration away from ' lack'.  Look around your home and feel appreciation for the food you have, the clothes you have or the fact you even have a fridge and cooker!
3) Use positive affirmations such as ' I now release all resistance to receiving money' or ' A large chunk of money is about to fall effortlessly into my lap'
4) Carry a large note with you every day and keep spending it in your mind over and over again.  Visit expensive shops and neigbourhoods and feel that abundance around you.
5) Give some money away.   Buy a homeless person a drink or give to your favourite charity.  Money is energy so what you give out, you will get back.  Also, try not to worry that you won't have enough abundance and trust that the universe is taking care of all your needs.

Love and abundance
Lisa x

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