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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guest Blog - Angels are not just for Christmas

Welcome to the Guest Blog by Lana Mullaney - Holisitc Therpist.

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Angels are not just for Christmas ....

A couple of months after my first Reiki attunement in 2005 when my right brain became more engaged with the world, I happened upon a prominently displayed book about angels which I took as divine guidance. I read people’s stories of angelic assistance with interest and some time later I had an opportunity to put this theory to the test. I had gone out on a local cycle ride with Starter Husband where my watch strap broke and so I had put my watch in my coat pocket. On returning home I was upset to find it missing and I mentally asked any angels around me to help me find it. We went out again and carefully traced our route without success. I was very disappointed as despite it being inexpensive, I had always been very attached to this particular timepiece and I knew its type had long since been discontinued.

I was all “Huh! Angels? What a let down!” and I went about searching for a new watch the following week and turning my nose up at all of them wherever I went. However, I was about to leave a jewellers shop in Leamington Spa after appraising their selection, when the manager came rushing from the back office asking if I needed any help. I told him my woeful tale and he guided me over to a cabinet which I hadn’t even noticed previously. The poor man jumped a yard when I screeched “That’s my watch!”. There before me lay a shinier version of my beloved Timex with an even nicer looking strap on it than my original. The price was somewhat higher than what I had paid initially and despite inflation, the nice manager sold it to me for what I first paid for it years ago. The added twist here was that he said that had I arrived just 10 minutes later he would have left to attend a funeral.

I have received a great many incidents of spiritual help since that day but I will detail one that I still cannot explain fully but which lead to a greatly fulfilling time. Early one morning during meditation I asked my angels to give me a sign ~ anything ~ just for me that day, purely out of interest. I sat there and waited and waited and with no epic advice booming in my head in a biblical manner, I clearly remember saying “Hurry up! I don’t have all day!”. Then I got myself together and ready for the office. During my lunch break that day I jumped on a bus to the nearest charity shop with a bag of unwanted books and clothes to deposit. Whilst I was in there I picked up a guide book on Lourdes with interest and flicked through it, all the time thinking I really must get to do that pilgrimage one day.

Shortly after returning to the office, I had a client contact me to arrange an appointment. Whilst I was looking through my electronic calendar I saw an evening entry coming up in the next fortnight for a party at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Now this meant nothing to me whatsoever and I am the only person to have access to my calendar. I didn’t even know where this particular church was and as I was pondering on it my colleague was walking passed my desk. I had one of my insights that she would know and she did ~ it was in an area of my city I was not familiar with. I called them and asked about the event; they reeled off the names of 2 parties they were having that day and I had no idea who these people were. By this stage I had cottoned on that a trip to Lourdes was my next project.

My friend was going on a weeks trekking holiday in the Pyrenees not long afterwards and it transpired she couldn’t get the flight back she originally wanted so she was having to travel via Toulouse where I was going to be for the first night of my short trip. She wanted to come to Lourdes with me and I was over the moon to have company! When we arrived in Lourdes she was absolutely exhausted by her week of difficult walking and went for a sleep in the hotel, leaving me to make my first trip to Our Lady’s grotto alone. I sat in front of the statue of Mary where unexpected emotion came up resulting in tears spilling down my face, yet at the same time had an overwhelming feeling of love and peace. As I mentally prayed for everyone I could possibly think about, I was spiritually directed very clearly back to one particular person and so I prayed extra fervently to release them of their long term anxiety. I was so happy I had been lead to come on this journey and the next day my friend was fit enough to join me at the grotto. We had a fun time all round, apart from the delayed train journey back for the airport got us there with seconds to spare and a severe telling off from the airport staff. Since that powerful experience at the grotto the person I prayed for has had a noticeable mental improvement and they are enjoying a busy job and social life with no major relapses in health.

Angels surround every one of us but unless we are in an unscheduled death situation, they will not necessarily intervene in our daily lives. They wait patiently for us to call on them and rejoice when we have acknowledged their presence as messengers of God. To communicate with them it is as easy as mentally, verbally or writing down your request for whatever help you need in your life right now. The important (and difficult!) part is then take a back seat and believe all is being taken care of by God’s power. As motivational speaker and author Louise Hay puts it ~ when you order a meal in a restaurant, you don’t keep barging into the kitchen bothering the chef ~ you just trust it will arrive.

Solutions from heaven don’t necessarily come to us in ways or timescales we would expect them to, so pay careful attention to all unusual signs and messages and most of all enjoy your angels as much as they enjoy your exploration of a spiritual path closer to God.

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