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Friday, March 30, 2012

Great Guest Blog ' My Son is a BlackBelt in Karate at 9 years of age!'

Today we are blessed to have a great new guest blog written by Dean Severinsen. Dean is a regular sort of bloke living in Christchurch, New Zealand who is in the process of creating an amazing future for his family.   Deans' posts are fabulous, creative and inspirational and I recommend you check out his website at

My Son is a Black Belt in Karate at 9 years of age!

My son Rhys is a master at karate, yet he hasn’t even had a lesson. Last week he watched The Karate Kid (2010) on DVD.  He has read a number of the Tanshen Tiger books, a fictional series in which the main characters are karate exponents. Rhys has now started getting instruction books out of the library on karate.

Out of nowhere Rhys is demonstrating to me the various blocks, holds, punches and kicks. One of the books he got out over the weekend included a DVD. Last night, after studying the book, Rhys watched the DVD. Did he just sit down and watch it? No way! There he is, with the head phones on, following each and every move.  A couple of times I had to say to Rhys, “Stand back from the tv!” (I could just see him putting his foot through it).

As you would have guessed, Rhys is not really a black belt in karate, but in his mind he is. And by being so enthusiastic about karate, Rhys has inspired us to get him into lessons. Rhys had already asked us if he could go to karate lessons, and we’ve put him off, saying “later in the year when things aren’t so busy” or some other excuse. But that hasn’t put Rhys off. He has gone out and started teaching himself karate from reading books, and now watching a DVD.

So why do I share this with you? Part of me is a proud father and I wanted to brag about Rhys’s initiative and learning ability. But the real reason that I tell this story is to ask the question: have you a dream that you’ve given up on?

You see my friend, Rhys has a dream. He wants to learn karate. Dad says no to lessons, so Rhys finds another way, and in doing so inspires me to get him into lessons.
The truth of the matter is, is that at some stage in our lives I can guarantee that you and I have both had dreams, dreams that we’ve given up on because someone has told us no, that it can’t be done. It might have been a parent, a sibling, a teacher or a peer, telling you “that isn’t going to work for you” or “You’re not cut out for that”.
Take a minute right now to close your eyes and project onto the screen of your mind what you would like your life to be like in 12 months from now. What does it look like? How does it feel? What sounds can you hear? Is there a certain smell associated with your dream, for example the smell of new car leather in your new Porsche?

Aren’t you sick and tired of not being able to wake up when your body wants to wake up? Aren’t you sick and tired of not being able to take that vacation whenever you want to at that tropical island resort?

I have many dreams, dreams that I remind myself of daily, by reading them out aloud. I live apart from my parents, who are in the North Island. I live in the South Island of New Zealand. One of my dreams is to be able to own a separate residence in the North Island, close to my parents, and be able to visit them whenever I want to, and be with them as they grow old.

What is your dream? It’s time you started dreaming again!

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