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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Are you a Worrier or a Warrior?

Are you someone who is always worrying about the future and what ‘ could’ happen?

So much of the stress, pressure and anxiety in our lives comes from believing that we need to control every single thing which happens in our lives – and if we do find ourselves in a situation that we can’t control – we end up panicking about it, believing we will be unable to deal with the situation.  outcome.

When we do behave like this we end up all in a panic and our mind just snowballs.  We end up:

  •  Concentrating on things that may never happen causing ourselves to feel anxious
  • Feel exhausted as we are tiring ourselves out emotionally and mentally
  • Fail to live in the moment and life just passes us by while we are busy worrying about what ‘ might’ happen.

Basically, we end up being so focussed on what might happen, that we forget to notice what is actually happening!

This is not a nice place to be in and can effect our whole emotional wellbeing.   We feel scared, uncomfortable, trapped and stressed.    We often feel so blocked that we can’t think straight to even work out a solution.

Here are a few top tips for the worriers

1)      One of the key things to do in this situation is being to focus on what is going on in your life right now.  No, not what may happen in the future, but what is going on right now.

2)      Switch of the ‘ struggle’ switch.   No amount of worrying is going to  change a situation.  Really. Worrying does nothing apart from tire you out.    Reinforce this to yourself.    The truth is you can’t influence every situation.   Write down your worries in a book

3)      Only allow yourself a certain time for worrying

4)      Try this affirmation ‘ I always do my best, I release the need to control this situation’

5)      Acceptance really is the key as with acceptance, bringsd a feeling of fcalm and realisation that you need to stop fighting.   Let the situation go and accept you can’t change everything.

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