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Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm going the distance

I could burst.  No, not because I have been eating too much chocolate cake - I could actually burst from excitement.   I have some exciting news to share - I am going to be going on a 2 week road trip around Australia, with 4 other fabulous single women from Sydney, to try and find love!  Hurrah, Yipeee!

Let me start at the beginning ( because it's a very good place to start).
Over a month ago, I was walking down William Street in Sydney, past the numerous backpacker / camper van places when I got rather annoyed with the universe.   You see, I had wanted to travel around Australia for a few years, but could never find anyone who wanted to go on this journey with me.  I had pleaded with friends but most just laughed saying they wouldn't touch a road trip with a barge pole.  So, I decided to get a big angry with the angels and demanded that once and for all, they did something not just about my lack of love life but also about my lack of travelling companions.   In fact, I didn't just get angry, I demanded that they did something about it as I was OVER IT.

Anyway, 4 weeks later, I am sitting at Melbourne airport waiting for a flight back to Sydney.  My Qantas flight had been delayed ( nothing new there) so in order to waste some time, I ate numerous chocolate bars, did some people watching and finally got round to checking my emails.  Now there, in my inbox was a call out from a production company looking for single chicks from Sydney to take part in a TV show around Australia, meeting single men, travelling around Oz and also raising money for a great Charity.   The objective of the show was to find out if men around Australia, were all the same or was the dire dating situation in Sydney just down to the commitment phobic pretentious Sydney Siders themselves. ( oh please don't send me nasty comments, I am just being honest!)

After sending in my application and a short video - imagine my excitement when I was down to the final 7 contestants!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I nearly peed my pants with excitement! ( I am 41 - the odd leakage is normal)    The show only required 5 lovely ladies so the next step was to meet the production company, the other contestants and also be filmed on my reasons for wanting to take part.    It was a wonderful wonderful evening and you can see my video here :

Two days later, I am doing some last minute Chrimbo shopping around Kmart when the news came in! I was in the final 5!!!! To be honest, I can't remember much about my shopping trip that day apart from running around Kmart waving my hands around trying to get the attention of my friends in order to share the good news.

Since being accepted, I have had the production crew over to film me at home and we begin our wonderful trip on January 15 - bring it on !!!!

The Production  Company who are making the ' Going the Distance' documentry is owned by the lovely Laticia who decided to raise funds for the Cancer Council after losing two young close family members.

While we are on the road, I will also be blogging and doing a video diary regulary so if you would like to know more, please either check out the FB page at!/goingthedistancedoco or the website at

As money raised with also go to the Cancer Council - please feel free to make a donation.

So please wish me luck and join me on this fabulous journey!

ps - Thanks angels and universe xx

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