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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Best 10 BUCKS you will ever spend!

I promise I am not the sort of person to keep promoting, flogging products to you or inundating your inbox with all sorts of once in a lifetime or 'your life will change with this product deals' (oh sure I believe you) , but I am rather excited to share with you the FABULOUS SPECIAL OFFERS  on my website.

I decided to add this page as during my Topsy turvy journey of a Life Coach, i have probably spent thousands of my hard earned cash on different self development courses, products and other random stuff which have all promised to change my life in some way shape or form for the better. Some are good, and some are really not so good at all!

So, rather than you searching for that elusive life changing product which will overnight magically change your life,  I have decided to put together my favourite list of products - ALL OF WHICH RANGE FROM $10 to $50.  Bargain eh!

Sometimes we do need a little support and I have found the products on my website to rock!  Need extra confidence?  -then check out the Hypnosis downloads, they are so cheap and cover heaps of confidence areas such as confidence at work, public speaking and even flirting!  Just enter your keyword in the box and you will be surprised how many products are on offer.

I am also proud to offer the BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD ( apart from my own ha ha) - You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay.   If you don't have a copy - treat yourself. You will never regret it!  I recommend all my clients and friends to buy this book - it's the best.

One of the biggest transformations in my life was the use of affirmations Cd's. I love them. I listen to them every day on my ipod when I walk to work and often have them playing softly in the background.  Check out the Louise L Hay affirmations on my website - as you can see, I am a big fan of her work.

Finally - want to get Wildly Wealthy?  Did you know that if you come form a place of 'lack' or are focusing on how much money you need, that you could be blocking your abundance?   If so, check out the Wealth section on the FABULOUS SPECIAL OFFERS  page.    I love Sandy Forster's work - it is so simple to follow and her books share both practical and metaphysical ways to become a money magnet.  There are also heaps of free stuff if you follow the above link.

Thank for listening and if you feel you need some support on your journey without spending a fortune, check out my product recommendations today!

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