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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poverty Thinking

I am working on increasing my abundance this month so decided to pick up a book to support me on my quest.  When I chose the book in question, my lovely sister offered to treat me to it so Brilliant I thought - It is working already!

I was on holiday at the time, in the UK, so had plenty of time to relax and take in all the chapters of this thought provoking book.  The book was based on using the laws of attraction to increase wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. It also included lots of thought provoking ideas as to what blockages may be holding us back from receiving the abundance we deserve.

A few days later, I caught up with several of my best friends in life as we were celebrating a wedding and also grabbing a rare opportunity to all get together for a night out.  Living here in Australia, I do miss my friends of many years and always looking fwd to catching up over a few glasses of wine and a bite to eat.

As we stood at the bar, deciding what to drink, I thought it would be a nice idea to treat us all to a rather nice bottle of champagne.  The exchange rate between the AUD and the British Pound is working in my favour at the moment so it was a great opportunity to splash some cash and treat the special people in my life to a rather nice bottle of bubbles.

What was surprising however, was the reaction to people around me when I sat down to enjoy my first sip.   First of all I received blank stares, a few others started nudging each other and then, finally, I received all sorts of accusations as to being ' flash' ' a show off' or ' made of money'!   I ignored the comments at first but as the night continued, and we 'fell' into our second bottle,  I did get bloody annoyed, especially when I was accused of ' losing my roots' or others seemed proud to tell me that they didn't drink champagne in area of town!  

Thankfully, I am able to look at incidents like this and look to see where they are a mirror of what I am thinking and why this was irritating me so much.  I realised that somewhere I too was holding these restricting beliefs of lack or poverty thinking.    I am working on it but as yet, am still uncomfortable expecting the universe to take care of my financial needs and still feel the need to work excessive long hours so that I feel I deserve my income.   It was a great light bulb moment for me and it really showed me where I needed to focus on inside. I realised that I can often feel awkward around people with money or feel the need to justify in some way why I am not like that! 

So ask yourself this week - are your thoughts of abundance keeping you stuck? Do you somehow think that it is bad to have money or that the fact that you are struggling for cash make you a better person?    I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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