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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are we far too busy to be kind?

I really don't wish to come across as a martyr but yet again, I find myself just a little bit disappointed about how as a human race, we seem to be far too busy or perhaps fail to notice when other people around us need a helping hand.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may remember an incident some months ago where I watched an elderly gentleman collapse outside my local hospital and was shocked to observe, that heaps of people walked straight past him, without offering to assist him in any way.

Yesterday, I came across a similar example.   I was heading out of my local train station, where I noticed an elderly lady ( I was later to discover she was in her mid 80's) struggling to push her trolly full of shopping up the hill.   This hill is rather nasty I must admit and I often get out of breath carrying my own shopping.    I stopped to watch her for a few seconds and again, noticed people just walking on by in their own little worlds.  By this stage, the women was obviously in distress, and had stopped to lean on her trolly and catch her breath.

I instantly thought of my own Nan and memories of when I take her shopping in the UK.  On these rare and special trips, we teeter carefully around Morrisons at a snail pace so she can have some time out of the house and get her weekly shop.

I went over to ask the lady if she wanted some help and she accepted gracefully.   After chatting to her for a few minutes ( even my back was killing me pushing her trolly up the hill!) she informed me that she had felt unwell as she had eaten a hot meal for the first time in the cafe near the supermarket.  Apparantly, she could not use the cooker at home and was so excited to be able to have hot food that she had wolfed it down in excitement.

She then informed me that she would really like to die as her life wasn't worth living anymore and everything was just too hard to cope with.  

I admit to feeling a mixture of sadness and anger that this lady was feeling so down and alone.  I also hoped  in my heart that if a member of my family was struggling with their shopping that some kind stranger would give them a hand.

In Sydney this week, the front page news was that an eldery women had been found dead in her city apartment - apparantly she had been dead for over 8 years and nobody had noticed!   People just assumed that she wanted to be left alone.

So, perhaps if you are reading this blog, you could take a few minutes to pop and visit an elderly relative or neigbour, or reach out to help a stranger in the street.   It doesn't take much and you can really help to make someone's day.   A random act of kindess will also spread more light and love across the world and it was make you feel good as well.

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