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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pick me!

I must admit, it's been a strange week.   I am sure I can blame some of it on the full moon but all in all, it's been a week of just feeling a bit strange and rather sad!

Sadness in itself mind you, is a great transformational feeling as for most of us, as it often results in taking stock of where we are in life and deciding to make some positive changes.

It all started on Monday where I was due to be a expert Life Coach on the SBS TV show ' Insight'.   I turned up all dressed up like a dogs dinner only to find I couldn't get a bloody word in for the whole show.  I admit to having my hand in the air for a large part of the show desperately trying to get the Presenters attention as I believed I had so much valuable input to say on the show. 

When filming was complete, I was surprised by the feeling of sadness and disappointment which surrounded me deep in my heart.  I know from experience that I need to embrace and ' own' all emotions (good or bad) so decided just to sit with it and allow what needed to come up - to come up! 

Then it hit me - all my sadness was coming from ' not being picked'.  Just thinking of this emotion led my mind on a little merry trip, ranging from not being chosen by others to be part of the P.E. team to my ex husband ' picking' to leave me for someone else!     This lovely belief has remained unhealed for rather a long time and in some areas of my life, feeds all my insecurities of not being good enough.

So, I will continue this week to work in clearing these toxic thoughts and in the meantime, will choose to pick myself!

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