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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you selling your soul?

Where in your life are you selling your soul? Where are you stepping over you own boundaries or not honouring yourself or your feelings? Where are you ignoring your intuition?

I spoke with a client today who was unsure whether to continue a relationship with a man she had already had several dates with. She was often receiving mixed messages from him and felt unsure whether he was really interested in her romantically. The long and short of it is, is that this particular client, has been willing to settle for crumbs in a relationship, rather than be alone. She has a pattern of relationships in her life which have been less than fulfilling! This is despite the fact that she is a fabulous, amazing woman!

Rather than see this client continue in her pattern of poor relationships, I requested that she start a dialogue with the part of her body, or the inner child, who believed that she deserved so little from her relationships. The reason for doing this is that I have learned that our inner guidance and wisdom, will lead us to the best decisions, choices and actions that are in alignment with our highest selves.

My client ‘went inside’ and started a dialogue with this part of her who believed she deserved so little. What came forward was an aspect of herself who needed love. This part expressed how my clients self criticism, self doubt and rejection of herself has affected her life. This part brought forward how it felt to be on the RECEIVING end of the self abusive, damaging beliefs that my client has continued to belief and act on as an adult.

After my client has listened to what this part of her had to stay, and allowed herself to feel the emotional impact of this, it was time for her to apologise to this part inside of her for treating her so badly, and putting her in situations where she was treated badly, particularly by men.

During this session, I asked my client to speak to his part of herself and ask what this part needed in order to become a more healthy integrated part. The answer came quickly, as I heard my client say "She needs me to stop spending time with this man. She needs me to stop settling for crumbs and to treat myself like gold instead."

That was all she needed to hear. Within minutes of finishing our coaching session, my client had cancelled her date, and by doing this she had broken the cycle of self-abuse and stopped the pattern of abandoning and forsaking herself in relationship to men. She stopped selling her soul! With one small action step based on a true request from the heart, she quietly caused a huge shift in both her internal and external worlds. Her life will never be the same again!

Action Step – Where are YOU selling your soul?

• Are you ignoring something which needs to be addressed?

• Where in your life are you settling for second best?

• Where in your life are you failing to set clear boundaries?

• Where are you not being honest about what you want or what you need?

• Where are you not honouring and valuing yourself?

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