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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Video killed the Radio Star

Ok,  I know I should brag but I am rather chuffed that I appeared on a blog radio yesterday and managed to get through the experience in one piece without choking, spluttering or brain blank.   I did have to fight the urge to pee half way through the broadcast but otherwise, really enjoyed the experience.

The weird thing was wondering who was listening.  Was I talking to myself out there or were the only people listening those who I had excitedly informed via a mass bragging email that I was going to to be a guest on a radio show?

Being honest, this whole experience has made me rather excited and I spent most of last night visualising being a guest on Parky or appearing on a more mainstream radio show.

Anyway, I promise this will be my final brag but if do fancy listening to 90 minutes of my dulcet tones, you can catch the recording of the show at

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