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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Give A Good Impression

One of the most important parts of making someone like you is forming a great first impression. This is where they will decide many things about you. They will take away this first impression and keep it with them for the rest of your relationship. Sure, you can always change how a person thinks about you, but first impressions often last for a long time.

When attempting to make a good impression on another person it is important that you consider your appearance, body language, clothing and what you say. These things will form an idea of what type of person you are in another’s mind.


Be sure that you relax, as panic can make a person feel uneasy around you. When someone appears to be having a great time they seem more attractive. This is simply how our minds perceive others. If you seem awkward, like you do not want to be in your current situation, you will give off bad vibes. So remember, relax and you will seem more attractive to others.

Smiling Is Important

People would rather see a smile on your face than a frown or look of worry. You do not have to look serious in order to be found attractive. So do not simply try to act tough or play it cool when you meet someone new. Smile and act friendly, because it will make you seem like a nice person who is fun to be around.

Do not try too hard to be witty

Sure, everyone loves a clever person with a quick wit. However, if you are not naturally like this you do not have to try to be something that you are not. People can usually tell that you are trying too hard and they will be turned away. However, if you are fast with a joke, by all means, go for your life.

You do not have to be perfect

You might be trying to make a good impression, but you do not have to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, and trying to act this way is shallow and transparent. Do not talk too greatly of yourself, as you will seem pompous and self involved. The small things that you will see as imperfections will allow other people to relate to you more easily.

Make eye contact

When you are talking to someone it is polite to make eye contact. The eyes can tell you a lot about a person. If you can maintain eye contact you will show that you are listening to what the other person says and that you are not shy or timid.

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