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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Community Spirit

A couple of weeks ago, as I walked past my local hospital, I noticed a man ahead of me, collapse in the street and fall to his knees, obviously in distress.

What was equally as distressing was watching the 20 or so people who looked the other way, crossed over the road or simply ignored the man.

Thankfully,   I was able to assist him and managed to get him the help he needed. He was very grateful for my help and informed me that he had been on his way to visit a friend in hospital when he had taken a bit of a turn.  

However, I am not ashamed to admit that this whole incident left me feeling angry and frustrated.   At what point did it become OK to ignore another human being who was in trouble?   Are we just too busy these days to stop and give someone else 5 minutes of our time?

Why do we close our hearts to the plight of other people assuming that someone else will take care of it?  

Do we assume that they don't need our help or do we just make excuses to ourselves that they could be homeless or a drunk which justifies our decision not to help them? 

The following week, while on my morning walk, I also observed a gentleman fall from his bike at a busy junction.  Yet again, nobody offered to help him - quite the opposite in fact as commuters in their cars were angrily hooting their horns or trying to find a way to get past him in the busy morning traffic.   The man was obviously shaken and upset.  

I discussed these situations with several of my clients in the following weeks and I was really happy to hear them make a commitment to taking on an extra action step from their coaching session.  This extra step involved helping somebody in their own life. In most cases, this was often an individual who they knew deep down needed some help, but they had stuck their head in the sand and hadn't actually got round to doing something about it.

I wonder, could you join them this month by putting yourself out to assist someone who really needs your help?

Blessings xx

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