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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bag Lady

As I get older, I am getting seriously concerned that I am turning into a bag lady. I no longer spend hours in the bathroom slapping on the war paint while desperately trying to straighten my curly hair with the GHD’s.

The fact is, I seem to have gone the other way and am dangerously dipping my toe into the ‘do not give a flying ****’ space. Last week, I actually wore blue tights instead of black purely because I couldn’t be arsed spending 5 minutes digging through my knickers’ drawer trying to find an elusive clean pair of 100 denier black tights.

On a particular windy day last week, I found myself walking to the office wearing a flowery skirt, black and white checked coat, pink hat and brown woolly gloves. Just to polish of my look, I was also wearing my favourite pink sparkly wellies due to the fact they are just really ‘comfy’.

On stepping into my favourite coffee shop, the barista commented on how ‘colourful’ I looked. Needless to say, I really didn’t give a damn and just carried on my merry way, latte in hand.

At what point in my life did comfy replace sexy? When did it become common place to find me wearing my PJ’s and worn out slippers at 7pm rather than my sexy killer heels?

This did start me thinking – have I given up on myself or is it that I have lost the need to worry about what people really think of me?

Have I at last shaken the need to change my chameleon personality just to please other people or am I just a lazy cow?

Therefore, this week I have decided to make more of an effort. I will no longer save my favourite clothes, undies or perfume for a special occasion and I shall make a special effort to make myself feel good about myself. After all, if I don’t treat myself as special, who else will?

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