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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I really can be a miserable sod sometimes.   It is not like I plan to be miserable, it is just that sometimes I wake up with a big black cloud over my head for no apparent reason.   On these days, people are wise to give me a wide berth and allow me to wallow in my own private cave of self pity for a while.

EVERYONE annoys me on my irritable days.   The coffee man who usually makes me smile becomes a sad git and the work colleague who makes me laugh is given ' one of my looks' to warm them to back off and leave me alone.     

Even I annoy myself on these dark days, and will often find myself looking despairingly in the mirror or spending time comparing myself unfavourably with others. 

Last week however, I was fortunate enough to bump into an old neighbour of mine who I hadn't seen for over 15 years.   In this time, she had unfortunately had both her legs removed due to diabetes.    Feeling a little awkward,  I simply asked her how she was doing.

She replied ' I am fabulous,  I woke up this morning to the sound of the birds chirping and the sun shining - isn't it a beautiful day'

Feck...didn't I feel like an ungrateful grumpy old trout?  There was I whinging about the fact that I had put on a few kilo's where here was somebody seeing the bright side of life even after losing both her legs.

It did make me think how lucky I was.  At least I had the choice to do something about the extra kilo's - I still had my legs so I could go to the gym!  How lucky was I?

It also reminded me how easy it was to always compare ourselves with people who we believe have more than us, or in someway we believe are more fortunate than us.    Why is it that we don't spend any time looking at how fortunate we are?   The fact is, most of us have a roof above our head and food in our cupboards, which is a lot more than many people!

So, dragging myself out of my cave,  I decided to write a list of things I felt grateful for.  My list looked something like this:

I am grateful for:

My family and friends
My job and fabulous clients
That I have food in the cupboard
That I have people to turn to when I need support
That I have money in the bank
That I am healthy
That I am able to take care of myself
That I have shoes and clothes to wear
That I have people in life who love me
That I have access to clean water and health care

All simple stuff eh?   But the next time you find yourself dwelling on what you don't have, spend ten minutes focusing on what you DO may just snap you out of a bout of the grumps!

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