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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Voice of Doom

Having put on a rather surprising few extra kilo's since giving up the evil weed last November, I decided to attend a trendy new salsa class last week in the hope that the ever increasing spare tyre around my waistline would disappear in time for my holiday next week. Quite understandably, I had a few butterflies in my belly due to giving Salsa a go for the first time.

Anyway, a couple of glasses of red beforehand did the trick as I soon started to relax, shaking my booty around the dance floor. ( ok, Church hall), tripping the light fantastic.

Then...all of a sudden, my head was filled with this miserable dark sombre voice:

You are a failure. Give up now. You'll never be able to do this. Everyone else is so much better than you. Look, they are laughing at you. You can't do anything right. You are worthless’

Fortunately, as a coach, I was able to identify and acknowledge this miserable little critter as being the voice of my negative belief system. This voice of doom aimed to extinguish all my positive feelings about my new dance moves quicker than a starving cheater chasing his Chrimbo dinner. Arriving uninvited, this despondent little voice aims to get me to give up trying and jeopardises any attempts I may make to improve my life, and feel better about myself..

Basically, buying into this voice would have left me feeling like a worthless lump of cockroach poo. Just like my ex boyfriend, it is an arrogant little so-and-so and it has an answer for everything ;0) (Note, a wrong answer).

Fortunately, on this occasion, the red wine had kicked in and forced me to laugh at this voice, thanking it for its visit but sending it on its merry little way. Fortunately, this time, I could see it for what it was - just an old mouldy thought which could be changed. Just an old thought which didn't serve me nor add value to my life. It wasn't me - it was just a thought.

However, it did make me think about how many times I had taken notice of this voice and listened to its toxic words. How many times had I decided not to try something new due to the fear of making a fool of myself? How many times had I listened to this voice believing it to be true instead of recognising what it really was? Just how long had I allowed this voice to run the show?

Considering the majority of our key beliefs are formed when we are children it seems crazy that most of us are still believing them to be true. Isn’t it time we blew the whistle on this old bag of baloney fiction and modernise our belief system to match the amazing fabulous people we are today?

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