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Friday, March 5, 2010


I am officially getting old. Not only do I hit 40 this year (note – currently hitting mid life crisis) but I have developed Rheumatoid arthritis in all of my joints and if I am honest, this news is not exactly making me jump around with glee.

It started in my hands and, in the past 4 weeks, this pesky little disease has travelled to my knees, neck and feet. I am not happy and it hurts! It hurts a lot!

(Sympathy please!) It also hurts that my disco dancing days may well and truly be over!

Not only does it hurt physically, but also emotionally as the reality of living with this disease starts to really hit home. Apparently, over 60% of arthritis sufferers suffer with depression and I can totally understand why.

I must admit, my ego is hurting as well. Having being used to being a fairly sporty individual, I find myself forced to take a more tortoise like routine which involves plenty of gentle stretching and teetering around like 90 year old snail.

In addition to being under the supervision of a Rheumatologist, I have also decided to take a holistic view to solving the problem which includes acupuncture and engaging the services of a rather hot and tasty naturopath. Of course, being a Life Coach, I am also busy exploring why I have managed to manifest this lousy little dis-ease into my body in the first place!

One of the biggest realisations in this process is the sad fact of how really ALONE I really am living in Sydney. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of calling my Mum or Sister to see if they will give me a hand with the shopping or the comforting knowledge that I can call a few lifetime friends to give me a hand packing for my immanent house move. Don’t get me wrong, I do have good friends out in Australia but the sheer size of the country and the fact that many of my friends live over 30mins drive away can make things a little difficult. Is this part of city living perhaps?

I guess this is the price I have chosen to pay for living in this amazing city but at ‘sad’ times like these, I do wonder if I have done the right thing.

Right now…..I just would love a hug from my Mum and a few beers down Witherspoons with some special Corby friends xx

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  1. Lots of sympathy to you my friend. I'm glad you are taking a holistic approach and hope you find something to ease the pain soon. As one of your Sydney friends that now lives in London, I understand your loneliness. Feel free to borrow my mum if you need to. She's still 3 hours away in Canberra, but that's closer than England - she's a massage therapist and a lovely person *hugs* CourtneyR