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Friday, February 26, 2010


This week, in the absence of any major emotional trauma, I decided to play the FEAR game.

The objective of this game revolves around challenging myself to face up to as many scary little fears of mine as I possibly can, within the space of 7 days. My lovely assistant in this game happens to be a shiny little golf clicker which kindly awards me points ( or clicks), every time I successfully complete a fear challenge.

The amount of points awarded, directly correlates to how major I believe the fear to be.

Now, one would think that jumping out of a perfectly good plane or bungee jumping would earn me maximum points. However, this is not the case. The fear with the maximum reward this week, was in fact, taking a shower at the CBD Fitness First gym.

Now, I have been going to this gym for over 2 years but, as yet, have not yet summoned up the courage to get my kit off in front of all the stick insects and stand in the queue for a shower. The very thought of this gave me heart palpitations and would set of a whole flood gate of negative thoughts which included:

1) What if I get lost on my way to the shower?

2) Where do I put my locker key card?

3) Do I wear my towel to the shower or do I take it with me?

4) How do I shut the shower door?

5) Do I bring my own shower gel or is it provided?

6) What do I do with my knickers when I get into the shower?

This fear has resulted in the following actions:

1) Getting up at 6am to suss out the showers before anyone else arrived

2) Walking 15 minutes out of my way to shower in the office

3) Running into the nearest chemist to purchase flowery body spray to cover up my bag lady aroma

4) Beating myself up with a big stick for not being good enough to overcome this fear years ago

The good news is that I DID IT! Seriously, I felt like notifying Hollywood. The breaking news is that taking the shower, was a far less bloody stressful than not taking it. Seriously, when I look back on how much stress I caused myself by avoiding taking the shower, it is totally bonkers!

The good news is that by the end of this week, I had managed to strike out ten fears which had been holding me back. Ok, they may not have been huge, but they were having an impact on my life and overall, making it smaller. Not facing them, had also become an excuse for beating myself up.

So, how about you give the fear game a go this week? Remember, points mean prizes!

1 comment:

  1. Hi spiritualandirritable, first of all congratulations on facing your fear.

    I faced a big fear today...I'm terrified of the huge great waves in Sydney and avoid going in the sea unless it's completely calm. When I'm sunbathing and get too hot, I go to the shower cubicle and have a cold shower to cool me down. But not today...I was watching everyone having a great time ducking the waves and body surfing, and thought "that could be me". So, in I went. I even body surfed a couple of big waves (not by choice as it was too late to duck and just went with it!?). Thanks for being such an inspiration :-)