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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Welcome to the very first blog from the Spiritual ( and Irritable) Life Coach who doesn't always practice what she preaches.....

Sunday 19Th of January.

If you are not sure what a Life Coach actually does - let me take a few minutes of your time to explain. Basically, I spend my time encouraging fabulous but perhaps unmotivated, unhappy and damn right confused people on how to wave goodbye to their currently miserable existences and move forward to live the life they truly desire.

Coaching sessions also involve encouraging clients to finally let go of old mouldy belief patterns (that we all have, even if we don't want to admit it) such as feeling undeserving, worthless and totally and utterly unlovable. ( And all because someone else got to take the school hamster home over the weekend.)

I am the first to admit that the coaching process itself can be, somewhat barbaric. At the end of each session, clients are set large amounts of homework or action steps which aim to assist them in breaking free of old mouldy behaviour patterns and self sabotaging behaviours.
I say barbaric as one of my very favourite action steps aims to heal people of their fear of rejection and involves being forced to ask at least twenty people out on a date during their lunch hour. Oh, I also fine them large amounts of money if heaven forbid, they fail to provide evidence that they have indeed completed their action steps in time for our next coaching session.

Now, considering I am an expert in the self development field, people are often deluded into thinking that I am an expert in handling my own life and I easily and effortlessly, handle any crises, trauma or life's little lessons that the universe decides to offer me.

This blog will dispel this myth and expose the shameful truth. The truth being that I am in fact, just as neurotic, insecure, unmotivated and bitter and twisted as everyone else.

More to follow later..............

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