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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shaking the Bag

I am BORED. If I get completly honest with myself, my usual sparkle and creative flair seems to have disappeared down the plughole and I am finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do ANYTHING.

Unfortunately my book deadline is catching up with me and I still haven't perfected my speech for the rather scary TV interview I have to do next week. I have actually become, the Princess of Procrastination.

At first, I put it down to feeling a little overworked and jaded but the feeling does not subside. Seriously, it nags and niggles away at me and does not want to go away.

Although the easiest thing for me to do is stick my head in the sand, I am painfully aware that these feelings are indeed, a little poke in the ribs from the universe. I NEED TO GET A LIFE.

I, Lisa Phillips, have become stale and stuck in my ways at the ripe of age of 39. I haven't stayed out after 10pm for months and can't remember the last time I allowed my dark side to come out and party. During my last shopping trip back home to the UK, I actually bought more PJ's than party clothes.

Certainty and Variety are two ends of the scale and I have been firmly planted in the Certainty pile. These days I prefer my furry giraffe slippers to my sexy pair of ' shag me' heels.

It's official, I need to shake the bag up a bit.

Fortunatly, I am a good listener and start to take action which actually, causes that inner flame inside of me to begin to glow a little brighter.

By midday today, I am proud to declare that I have:

1) Set up three dinner dates with old friends
2) Organised a girlies single night out in the City (no smug marrieds allowed)
3)Booked myself onto an evening of speed dating in the 33-42 age group. ( Hopefully most of them will still be in possession of their own hair and own teeth)
4) Written a list of 100 things that make me happy and will complete at least one of them a day
5) Booked in for some serious waxing.

It feels good and I realise that if I want my life on the outside to be exciting, fun and loving - then I need to go about doing something about it on the inside.

Life is like a photocopier and what you do give out, you will get back!

We do not stop playing because we get old ! We get old because we stop playing !!! Ben Franklin

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